Retail Centers are working to get EVC drivers into their businesses! Read more to find out how this is possible!


Bureau Veritas has found that increasingly, EV Charging stations are no longer just a nice to have but increasingly, they are a very important and timely, must have.  

In this article written by Holly Johnson Amaya for ALM/GLOBEST.COM, the discussion is lead by how there was an estimated 630,000 new EVs sold in America last year, 2021.

These numbers push the "nice to have" factor for EV Charging stations to must-haves for most retailers and their operations. 

Retailers have decided that Electric Vehicles are the way of the future and are busy figuring out how to make this happen, the demographic of those that drive Teslas are a sure-fire reason for most retailers to hop on board the EV Charging train. 

The article cited above points out that Electric Vehicles make monetizing parking spaces an easy way to create more onsite assets all while attracting a demographic that has already proven that they are top of market and are looking for places to charge their vehicles as well as spend money on food and merchandise, there is compelling data surrounding how much consumers spend at retail centers while waiting for their EVs to charge.

Bureau Veritas has developed a best in class Electric Vehicle Charging team and we continue to invest heavily to be a preferred strategic partner of EVC deployments across the county. 

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