BV’s ProTrack: built by Project Managers for Project Managers.


BV’s ProTrack is the only Construction & Project Management software on the market that is built by Project Managers for Project Managers.

Unlike traditional construction management software that is currently on the market, ProTrack is powered by low-code software. 

This means,  ProTrack's turnaround time - from contract to implementation -  is on average between 4-6 weeks. Competitive products lead time typically is between 4-6 months. There is no code to deploy or maintain and the ease of ability to make changes to the application lowers the total cost of ownership.

ProTrack is a highly scalable platform capable of supporting hundreds of solutions.


  • Dashboard & Reporting

  • Milestone Tracking

  • Workflow Automation

  • New Construction Dashboard

  • Project Management

  • Survey Management Dashboard

  • Punchlist Dashboard

  • Procurement & Invoicing Dashboard

  • RFQ, RFI & Bid Management

  • Asset Tracking

  • Annual Conditions Assessments

  • Workflows & Approvals

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